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I joined Technicolor Research in Palo Alto in April 2011. The lab focuses on all aspects of delivering personalized services in the digital home.

My research interests broadly include mobile systems, novel sensor systems and wireless networking. Before joining Technicolor Research Labs, I was at Intel Labs Seattle since June 2007 and graduated with a Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Colorado, Boulder (2007).

Profesional Activities

PC Member: Mobicom 2011, MobiSys 2011, HomeNets [2011, 2010], MobiHoc 2010, WiMesh 2010, MobiQuitous 2009

Co-chair: WiNMee 2009


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"Sensor Tricorder: What does that sensor know about me?," Gabriel Maganis, Jaeyeon Jung, Tadayoshi Kohno, Anmol Sheth and David Wetherall. HotMobile, 2011. [PDF]

"Demystifying 802.11n Power Consumption," Daniel Halperin, Ben Greenstein, Anmol Sheth and David Wetherall. HotPower, 2010. [PDF]

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"Investigation into the Doppler Component of the IEEE 802.11n Channel Model," Eldad Perahia, Anmol Sheth, Thomas Kenny, Robert Stacey and Daniel Halperin. IEEE Globecom, 2010.

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"Pushing the Envelope of Indoor Wireless Spatial Reuse using Directional Access Points and Clients," Xi Liu, Anmol Sheth, Michael Kaminsky, Konstantina Papagiannaki, Srinivasan Seshan and Peter Steenkiste. ACM Mobicom, 2010. [PDF]